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Phase 1


Large scale commercial beach cleanup device prototype launch



Phase 2


Storage center for SEED and scaled up TTM trash separator


Phase 3



Community plastic repurposing center.

At SEED, we set our sights on helping better the World. Our vision is to unite the people and communities around a common cause. While there are many issues that are currently afflicting our planet we believe that our obsessive production, use and negligent management of plastic’s is the most dier issue that needs to be addressed.  

The BSD and TTM that we have created are education tools but they are also completely modular. Working with local engineers we have created a device that is capable of moving along the beach and removing virtually all waste in the process. 


We are currently in pre-prototype production phase for our large scale cleaning device, Seed, which will be finished by August. This device is capable of cleaning a two mile long, one meter wide section of beach in one hour. 


With our engineers, we are designing a storage and separation center for Seed. This is for our second phase and we call this system, Pod. By using the same process our TTM uses we can upscale the system and separate large quantities of debris directly on site. This allows us to return the natural material to the beach where it belongs and collect data on plastic accumulation. 


The most difficult part in repurposing ocean plastics was that it was mixed in with all of the natural material. With Pod, that's no longer a problem. Our third phase consists of us creating community plastic repurposing and education centers. By taking the plastics we collect locally and at cleanups we can repurpose them into different items to help communities grow and Sprout. 


Our vision is to close the loop on plastic pollution by creating a circular waste system that benefits everyone and helps give back time to our planet and future.

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