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We are working with Spread A Little Love and the Eka Muthu Foundation to help the people of Sri Lanka who have been devastated by the countries marine disaster and to spread awareness on plastic pollution and the impact it is having.

May 20, 2021 sparked one of the world's worst plastic pollution and marine disasters in history. A large shipping vessel carrying 1,486 containers which included: 28 tons of nitric acid, 86 tons of plastic pellets, 386 tons of oil, 10,800 tons of epoxy resin and several other items and chemicals, caught fire and eventually sunk off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Since then the country and its people have been trying to pick up the pieces that are spread across the entirety of its shores. This pollution has ravaged the countries water, ecosystem, marine and human way of life.

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Fishing being one of the main sources of livelihood for the coastal communities, this disaster has left their lives and the lives of the ecosystem devastated. With The pandemic in the background, these communities who live day by day, are struggling to make ends meet, with no secure income and no way to earn a living.

For every $25 USD donated, you will be able to provide a family of 4 with enough food and cleaning supplies to sustain them for 10 days. By reaching our funding goal, we will be able to provide 1,600 people with enough supplies for 10 days!

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